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Course Details


Istanbul, Turkey
From Date: 22-May-2023   
To Date: 26-May-2023
5 Days

Ref No:      RM046
Title:          Advanced Operational & Troubleshooting Skills  
Start Date: 22 May 2023 End Date: 26 May 2023  
Venue:       Istanbul, Turkey
Fee:           $5,500

In any of the 5 star hotels. The exact venue will be informed once finalized.

The course has been designed for use best practices in production management, maintenance strategies and process technologies to reducing costs, assets, production loss or load down and preserving the lives of your employees because it delivers a wide range of pro-active, efficient troubleshooting skills. It has been proven that technical competence alone is no longer enough to ensure consistent operational performance.

Excellent troubleshooting skills are considered a core competency for 'Best-in-Class' modern industrial companies. In the competitive world that we are living in, it is essential that we optimize our efforts to secure the desired outcomes, This course will equip the delegate with the basic tools and understanding to make that happen with different applicable scenarios in plant.


Participants attending the programme will:

  • The understanding of terminologies; tools and techniques 
  • Developed structured approach to troubleshooting and problem solving 
  • Ensure the components of plant problem solving as well as various troubleshooting techniques on engineering problem solving 
  • Utilize Maturity Indexing; Planning; and Protocols
  • Apply method of risk analysis practically HAZOP in process trouble shooting 
  • The useful Case Studies; Exercises and Analysis
  • Learning the “Human Factors” as a Source of Error

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Managers , heads , supervisor who involved in operation function and leading & directing people to achieve and improve productivity levels
  • Those faced with the challenge of solving plant related problems
  • Production, Maintenance Engineering and Process Engineering personnel
  • Supervisors who are involved in the Operations / Maintenance function


Introduction – common terminology and level of performance

  • Defining the nature of problems
  • Utilizing a Common Terminology
  • Techniques & Tools introduction
  • Levels of Performance Standard
  • Application of Decision Logic

Problem analysis and synthesis and engineering techniques for solving

  • Practical Maturity Indexing
  • Relationships Analysis
  • Problem Analysis and Synthesis
  • Case Studies

Case study and leadership competence

  • Apply risk assessment practically HAZOP techniques for troubleshooting & engineering problem solving
  • Pro-Active & Re-active indictors
  • Case Study & Exercise and analysis
  • Managing Change
  • Operator , Maintainer, Designer interface
  • Effect of maintenance strategy
  • Function analysis 
  • Your problems- Case studies

Competencies and strategies

  • Individual motivators: External vs. Internal Motivation
  • Developing Leadership Competence
  • Strategies; Planning; and Protocols 
  • Learning the “Human Factors” as a Source of Error

NOTE: Pre & Post Tests will be conducted
Case Studies, Group Exercises, Group Discussions, Last Day Review &Assessments will be carried out.


Define Management Consultancy & Training Certificate of course completion will be issued to all attendees.


This training program is lecture-based and customized to the needs of the audience, providing meaningful experience for personnel that work in petroleum plants. Daily sessions include formal presentation, prepared in the Power Point, interspersed with directed discussions and case study. In addition to formal lectures and discussions, the delegates will learn by active participation through the use of problem solving exercises, group discussions, analysis of real-life case studies etc. All attendees receive a course manual as a reference.

  • 30% Lectures
  • 30% Workshops and work presentation
  • 20% Group Work& Practical Exercises
  • 20% Videos& General Discussions
5,500 US$ per participant for Public Training. Fees Includes Course Materials/Handouts, Tea/Coffee, refreshments, International Buffet Lunch.

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