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Dubai, UAE
From Date: 18-Feb-2023   
To Date: 22-Sep-2023
5 Days

Ref No:        DE017
Title:            ARCGIS 1 & 2:Introduction To GIS & Essential Workflows    
Start Date:  18 September 2023  End Date: 22 September 2023  
Venue:         Dubai, UAE
Fee:              $5,250

In any of the 5 star hotels. The exact venue will be informed once finalized.

This course teaches what a GIS is and what you can do with it. Working with various components of the ArcGIS system, you will create GIS maps, explore and analyze the data behind the maps, and apply methods to easily share your maps. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of how GIS maps and ArcGIS tools are used to visualize real-world features, discover patterns, obtain information, and communicate that information to others.

In this course, you will acquire fundamental skills needed to author, share, and use geographic information and maps across the ArcGIS system. You will learn how to efficiently find, explore, manage, and analyze geographic data and create informative maps that showcase your work. The course covers a variety of techniques to effectively share GIS maps and resources with decision makers, stakeholders, and the public.


At the end of this course, participants would have gained a deeper and practical knowledge of:

  • Connecting to data sources and prepare data for analysis.
  • Visualize, interact with, and analyze multiple datasets.
  • Share analysis results and workflow models.

GIS analysts, specialists, technical leads, and managers and non-GIS professionals who are experienced ArcGIS users



ArcGIS 1: Introduction to GIS


  1. What is the ArcGIS Platform?
    • Tools to easily find, create, share, and use GIS maps
    • Multiplatform accessibility
  2. What is GIS ?
    Components of a GIS
    • Understanding the geographic approach
    • What can you do with a GIS
    • Making and sharing a map using ArcGIS Online
  3. What makes data geographic?
    • Representing real-world features digitally
    • Geographic data formats and non-geographic data formats
  4. Documenting important information about data with metadata
    • Mapping real-world -- feature locations using coordinate systems
    • Geographic and projected coordinate systems
    • Identifying a dataset’s coordinate system
    • Changing a dataset’s coordinate system
    • Changing the coordinate system for a map
  5. Finding GIS maps and data
    • Considerations when selecting data
    • Sources of GIS data
  6. Exploring a GIS map
    • Navigating around places of interest
    • Finding features and accessing feature information
  7. GIS analysis
    • Solving spatial problems
    • Five-step process
    • Determining where and when things occurred
  8. Sharing GIS maps and results
    • Common ways to share maps and results
    • Sharing tools and data
    • Sharing results as web maps and web mapping applications

ArcGIS 2: Essential Workflows


  • Discover, use, make, and share maps
  • Integrating data
  • Managing map layers
  • Displaying data
  • Working with tabular data
  • Creating and editing data
  • Labeling features
  • Designing map layouts
  • Evaluating data for analysis
  • Solving spatial problems
  • Sharing geographic information

Pre & Post Tests will be conducted
Case Studies, Group Exercises, Group Discussions, Last Day Review & Assessments will be carried out.


Define Management Consultancy & Training Certificate of course completion will be issued to all attendees.


A highly interactive combination of lectures and discussion sessions will be managed to maximize the amount and quality of information and knowledge transfer. The sessions will start by raising the most relevant questions, and motivate everybody find the right answers. You will also be encouraged to raise your own questions and to share in the development of the right answers using your own analysis and experiences. Tests of multiple-choice type will be made available on daily basis to examine the effectiveness of delivering the course.
Very useful Course Materials will be given.

  • 30% Lectures
  • 30% Workshops and work presentation
  • 20% Group Work& Practical Exercises
  • 20% Videos& General Discussions
5,250 US$ per participant for Public Training includes Materials/Handouts, tea/coffee breaks, refreshments & Buffet Lunch.

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