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Course Details


Abu Dhabi, UAE
From Date: 06-Mar-2023   
To Date: 10-Mar-2023
5 Days

Ref No:         ME047
Title:             Pipeline: Design Inspection & Testing  
Start Date:   06 Marh 2023 End Date: 10 March 2023  
Venue:         Abu Dhabi, UAE
Fee:              $5,250

In any of the 5 star hotels. The exact venue will be informed once finalized.

The course will review the basic requirements of the ASME B31 Code for Pressure Piping. Topics include: design conditions, pipe sizing, pressure design, flexibility analysis, material, fabrication, examination, testing, and mechanical integrity for existing piping systems, as provided in API 570 Piping Inspection Code.

  • To provide the participant with a complete and up-to-date overview of the area of Piping Technology 
  • The participant will learn the design, fabrication, examination and testing requirements of ASME B31 
  • Familiarizing the participant with the related standards for inspection and repair of piping systems that have been in service, as provided in API 570, Piping Inspection Code 
  • The participant will gain a deep understanding of the physical phenomena which affect the operation, durability of piping systems
  • Participant will learn to calculate the pipe schedule, and pipe size that serve certain application 
  • Participant will learn different methods of pipe inspection and testing based on related Codes and Standards 
  • Participant will be exposed to different method of checking pipe flexibility

Engineers and Technicians of mechanical, and chemical engineering background will benefit largely from this workshop. Maintenance, Operation, inspection, and R and D People should also attend this course.


The Following Topics will be covered in this course over five days

  • Basics of Piping
  • Pipe Dimensions and Schedule number
  • Pipe Manufacturing Methods
  • Welded and Seamless Pipes
  • Pipe Drawing Symbols
  • Types of pipes – application wise
  • Standard pipe
  • Pressure pipe
  • Line pipe
  • Piping Materials
  • Chemical properties
  • Mechanical properties
  • Physical properties
  • Property stability
  • Classification of steel
  • Steel heat treating practices
  • Aging of properties
  • Piping Codes and Standards
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
  • ASME B31: Code for pressure piping
  • API Specifications (Spec), Recommended Practices (RP), and Standards (Std.)
  • Spec. 5L-90: Specification for Line Pipe
  • American Welding Society - AWS Welding Handbook

Pipeline Design

  1. Design Parameters
    Maximum Operating Pressure
    Flow Rate of Oil or Gas
    Delivery Pressure
    Pressure Drop
    Pumping Power
  2. Failure Theories
  3. Design Criteria
    Maximum Allowable Stress
    Maximum Allowable Pressure
    Construction Factor
  4.  Steel Selection
  5. Pipe Sizing
    Pipe Diameter
  6. Pipe thickness calculation
    Pipe Schedule
  • Pump and Compressor Stations
  • Originating and booster Stations
  • Pump Selection
  • Parallel and Series Operation
  • Pipeline Installation
  • Off-shore and on-shore installations
  • Welding Techniques
  • Welding Processes
  • Welding Procedures
  • Weld Passes
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Visual Inspection
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Class designation
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Pigging for Cleaning and Monitoring
  • Types of Pigs
  • Monitoring Internal Corrosion
  • Pipe Repair
  • Buried pipelines
  • Corrosion and Cathodic Protection
  • Pipe Coating
  • Stress Analysis
  • Flexibility Analysis Methods
  • Flexibility Analysis Demonstration
  • Equipment Load Limits
  • Cold Spring
  • Elastic Follow-up
  • Fluid Service Requirements

NOTE: Pre & Post Tests will be conducted
Case Studies, Group Exercises, Group Discussions, Last Day Review &Assessments will be carried out.


Define Management Consultancy & Training Certificate of course completion will be issued to all attendees.


A highly interactive combination of lectures and discussion sessions will be managed to maximize the amount and quality of information and knowledge transfer. The sessions will start by raising the most relevant questions, and motivate everybody find the right answers. You will also be encouraged to raise your own questions and to share in the development of the right answers using your own analysis and experiences. Tests of multiple-choice type will be made available on daily basis to examine the effectiveness of delivering the course. All presentations are made in excellent colorful power point. Very useful Course Materials will be given.

  • 30% Lectures 
  • 30% Workshops and work presentation 
  • 20% Group Work& Practical Exercises
  • 20% Videos& General Discussions
5,250 US$ per participant for Public Training includes Materials/Handouts, tea/coffee breaks, refreshments & Buffet Lunch

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