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Define provides specialized, and systematic technical training to companies in the Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemicals, etc.


DEFINE provides specialized, systematic and thorough technical training to companies in the Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemicals as well as other organizations. Our company charts a well delineated training scheme according to the specific needs of each company and the category of employees to be trained. Currently, DEFINE is engaged in a series of short term and long term collaborations with various major organisations to work as their in-house mentor.

We are dedicated to deliver customized technical training at your work place. We focus on real work based training to make participants more acquainted with field related equipments and systems installed in the plant.


In-house training is an exceptionally cost-effective method of developing staff in an organisation. A team of employees can be trained on-site.

The flexibility of In-House training allows you to choose the perfect time at the most appropriate location. This can be conducted in the company premises at the client's convenience, which will save money on the hotel and transportation expenditures and at a time train lot of employees.

Whether in-house, on your premises, or at a venue remote from the workplace. we deliver anywhere at any time, ensuring that your training takes place in the most appropriate learning environment for you and your organisation.

The trainings can be customized which include specially designed case studies and exercises, which apply to the client's situation and according to the need of the organization which will help to build up the competence of the employees.

Trainers can discuss the theoretical contents in brief and can explain the practical parts in the real situations depending upon the content of the course.

If you wish to send your requirements to us or receive detailed in-house proposals please send all your queries to training@definetraining.com


Mechanical Trainings
  • Pumps maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Boiler design & maintenance
  • Mechanical seal basic design and maintenance
  • Heat treatment
  • Gas & steam turbines
  • Power system generation & distribution
  • Pumps & compressors
  • Centrifugal compressors
  • Cryogenic pumps
  • Heat exchangers /heat transfer
  • Control valves actuators & pumps
  • ASME: piping fitness for service, pressure vessel FFS, FFS for inspectors
  • Pressure vessel design
  • Piping design, mechanical integrity
  • Storage tank design
  • Pipe stress analysis
  • Fracture mechanics and failure
  • Valves operation, maintenance & troubleshooting
  • Reliability for rotating equipment training
  • Risk assessment
  • Pump & valve technology
  • Control & safety relief valves
  • Mechanical equipment: compressors, pumps, motors & variable speed drives & generators
  • Oil & gas operations and flow measurement
  • Control Valve & Actuators: Sizing, Selection & Application
  • Pumps: operation, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Rotating machinery preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Plant piping systems: operations, maintenance & repairs training
  • Advanced Machinery Reliability Analysis
  • API inspector certification preparation
  • Reliability, Maintenance, Integrity & Inspection Eng
Process / Petrochemical/ Instrumentation/ Chemical/ Fabrication Trainings
  • Process Equipment Integrity Program
  •  Process Plant Start-up Commissioning & Troubleshooting
  •  Principles of Process Engineering
  •  Process Equipment Integrity Program
  •  Process Control
  •  Gas Conditioning & Processing
  •  Production Operation for Process Engineers Training
  •  Elements of Applied Process Engineering Training
  •  Applied Water Technology
  •  Practical Field Bus for Process Control: Engineering, Configuration, Installation,   Commissioning, Troubleshooting, Operation and Maintenance
  •  Boiler Control and Instrumentation
  •  Analytical Instrumentation Systems
  •  Dynamic Simulation
  •  Finite Element Analysis
  •  Distillation & Unit Control Operation
  •  Process Equipment Sizing & Selection
  •  Gas Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery
  •  Hydrocarbon Production Operation
  •  Water Injection & Treatment
  •  Corrosion Awareness and MonitoringMetallurgy for Non-Metallurgists
  •  Corrosion Management
  •  Corrosion for Non-Corrosion Engineers
  •  Cathodic Protection Systems: Design, Fabrication, Installation, Operation and Repair
  •  Welding Technology
Drilling / Reservoir Trainings
  • Basic drilling technology
  •  Casing and cementing and fluid courses
  •  Well Completion and Work Over
  •  Drilling and Completion Technology
  •  Advanced Reservoir Simulation
  •  Drilling Rig Control and Operation
  •  Basic Log Analysis
Electrical Engineering Trainings
  • Electrical Equipments & Control System
  •  Basic Electrical Course
  •  UPS & Battery Systems
  •  Low & Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker
  •  H.V Switching
  •  Power System Protective Relaying
  •  Electrical Distribution Equipment
  •  Transformer Diagnostic Methods of Insulating System& Lifetime Extension
  •  Power System Protection in Utilities & Industrial Electrical Networks
  •  Fault Analysis in Electrical Power Systems
  •  Basic Protection Relays
HR Training/ Management Training
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Career Ladder Training / Performance Management (For Section Heads, Department Heads and HR Personnel)
  • Selection and Recruitment
  • Train the Trainer
  • Training and Development
  • Developing Technical Trainings
  • Performance Management from Goal Setting to Appraisal
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Human Resources for Line Management
  • Training Coordinator Workshop
  • Effective Communication & Improving Interpersonal Skills
  • Presentation Skills & Interpersonal Skills
  • Technical Report Writing
  • TQM
  • Stress ManagementConflict Management/Time management
  • Leadership and Team building in the New Millennium

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