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Dubai, UAE
From Date: 23-Oct-2023   
To Date: 27-Oct-2023
5 Days

Ref No:        ME080
Title:            Advanced Pigging & Plant Engineering     
Start Date:  23 October 2023  End Date: 27 October 2023 
Venue:         Dubai, UAE
Fee:             $5,250

In any of the 5 star hotels. The exact venue will be informed once finalized.

Pigging is essential for pipelines. Pigging is needed in all the pipelines life stages, during construction, During Operation, and for inline inspection. Pigs can do cleaning to remove depress and other remains after pipe construction to be ready for service. During operation pipeline cleaning to remove wax and black powder will improve the pipeline performance and reduce pumping power. Pigging is used for inline inspection where the present condition of the pipeline can be measured and monitored using recent techniques like MLF and Ultrasonic tools. This will help collecting data for pipeline assessment. This five days course will discuss different aspects of pipeline pigging and its different applications for the pipelines.

  1. Delegates will learn about different types and designs of pigs. 
  2. Delegates will learn different applications of pigs for liquid and gas pipeline 
  3. Delegates will learn about the pipeline degradation mechanisms and types of failure
  4. Delegates will learn the fitness-for-service assessment techniques

Engineers and Technicians involves in pipeline construction, maintenance and operation.



Chapter 1 Pig Design

  • Types of Pipeline Pigs
  • Utility Pigs
  • In-Line Inspection Tools
  • Gel Pigs Pig selection
  • Pig Design Aspects
  • Pigs Performance
  • Pig Pressure
  • Pig Velocity
  • Pig Wear & Sealing
  • Pipeline Design for pigging
  • Onshore and Offshore Pipelines
  • Pipeline Fittings

Chapter 2

Pig Launchers

  • Components of Pigging Unit
  • Pig Launching & Receiving Chambers
  • Pigging Obstacles
  • Launchers Accessories
  • Scraper Traps
  • Launching and Receiving Procedures
  • Pig Tracking Systems

Chapter 3

Pigging Applications

  • Pigging During Pipeline Construction
  • Debris Removal
  • Gauging
  • Cleaning
  • Flooding for Hydrotest
  • Dewatering & Drying
  • Methods of Pipeline Drying
  • Case Study – Flooding & Drying
  • Pigging During Operation
  • Separation of Products
  • Improving Flow Efficiency
  • Corrosion Inhibition
  • Meter Proving
  • Pigging Frequency
  • Case Study – Wax & Black Powder Removal
  • Specialist Applications
  • Intelligence Pigging
  • Calliper Survey
  • Magnetic Flux Pig
  • Ultrasonic Pig
  • Internal Coating
  • Epoxy Lining
  • Pressure Barriers

Chpter 4

Intelligent Pigs MFL

  • Pipeline Deterioration
  • Inspection & Testing Methods
  • Inline Inspection
  • Types of Flaws
  • Parameters Affecting ILI Tools Performance
  • Equipment Design
  • Probability of Detection
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage Technology
  • Factors Affects Capabilities
  • MFL versus Ultrasonic
  • Case Study

Chapter 5

Pipeline Assessment

  • Causes of Pipeline Failures
  • Pipeline Accident Reports
  • Fitness-for-Service Assessment
  • Piping Degradation – Type of Flaws
  • Damage Mechanisms
  • Pre-Service Flaws
  • In-Service Flaws
  • Galvanic Corrosion
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Sweet Corrosion – Inhibitors
  • Sour Corrosion
  • Types & Areas of Deterioration
  • Piping Service Classes
  • Inspection Intervals
  • Remaining Life Calculations
  • Pipeline Assessment – Metal Loss Defects
  • Level of Assessment
  • Assessment Procedure
  • External and Internal Corrosion


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Learn about different types and designs of pigs.
  2. Learn different applications of pigs for liquid and gas pipeline 
  3. Learn about the pipeline degradation mechanisms and types of failure
  4. Learn the fitness-for-service assessment techniques

NOTE: Pre & Post Tests will be conducted
Case Studies, Group Exercises, Group Discussions, Last Day Review &Assessments will be carried out.


Define Management Consultancy & Training Certificate of course completion will be issued to all attendees.


A highly interactive combination of lectures and discussion sessions will be managed to maximize the amount and quality of information and knowledge transfer. The sessions will start by raising the most relevant questions, and motivate everybody find the right answers. You will also be encouraged to raise your own questions and to share in the development of the right answers using your own analysis and experiences. Tests of multiple-choice type will be made available on daily basis to examine the effectiveness of delivering the course. Very useful Course Materials will be given.

  • 30% Lectures
  • 30% Workshops and work presentation
  • 20% Group Work& Practical Exercises
  • 20% Videos& General Discussions
5,250 US$ per participant for Public Training includes Materials/Handouts, tea/coffee breaks, refreshments & Buffet Lunch

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