About Us

Advancing professionals to the next level

The apex of expert training

Professionalism is the lifeline of any company or industry. Those who are on par with technological innovations and customer aspirations would always be a step ahead in the tough, competitive business world. Hence, providing timely training and updation to the workforce is as important as employing the best professionals. As a company with expertise in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, DEFINE Management Consultancy & Training would be your perfect partner in imparting technical training to employees and boosting them towards achieving the goals.

DEFINE has expertise in providing comprehensive, leading edge and relevant training programs. We analyse the customer requirements and deliver appropriate training to meet the expected level of competencies set by the organisation.

Deliver professional and quality training is our motto. We support to strengthen and update the knowledge and skills of staff in an organisation through professional training and development methodologies. We offer highly cost-effective trainings for our esteemed clients without compromising on quality.

Core Values

1.    We host highly qualified, professionally adept and certified consultants / trainers with umpteen experiences from top ranked Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Power companies and the business sector as well.

2.    We provide high standards of commitment and dedication in ensuring Training & Consultancy services.

3.    We deliver optimum monetary value for services in comparison to standard market rates.

Why Us

DEFINE strives to extend best services to valued clients. Our main objectives include:

To devise, develop and deliver training programmes that complement our client’s needs.

To enhance the competency and efficiency of all the participants.

To invest in human capital, which is the backbone of any organisation and which has a direct effect on the overall performance of the Company.

To collaborate with individuals and other national, regional and international organisations involved in related services.


» We are dedicated to deliver customized Technical Trainings at your work place or as public training.

» We are focusing on real work based training to make participants more acquainted with field related equipments and systems installed in the plant

We offer customized management trainings as well.


write-593333_640Vision Statement

DEFINE envisions to be a world-leading technical training organisation with global presence, by leverage the power of right knowledge, right skills and right competency. To achieve this, our motto is “to inculcate mastery and quality” in every service that we deliver.


write-593333_640MISSION STATEMENT

The mission of DEFINE Management Consultancy and Training shall be:

1.    To provide personnel empowerment to the economy sector;

2.    To deliver comprehensive and leading edge training in Oil & Gas, Power    and Petrochemical industries, as well as the business sector, to Gulf                Cooperation Council (GCC) members and Africa; and

3.    To design, develop and execute sound programmes in line with the                                                                                                         requirements of the concerned organisation.

Management Team

write-593333_640We have a dedicated and capable Management Team committed and highly focused on providing clients with insightful, high quality, high value innovative programs that deliver measurable impact and results.

Quality Policy

write-593333_640» We shall satisfy the training needs of our clients and try to exceed their expectation through our Quality Management System.

» We shall achieve this Policy through the objectives and targets set for various functions.

» We shall ensure symbiotic relationship with our Trainers and Faculty Members through effective control of outsourcing.

Accreditations & Qualifications

It is our honour and pride to showcase the qualifications we got  during this journey as a token of recognition which makes us more responsible.